Tennessee State Parks

Reelfoot Lake State Park



Campgroud Trail — 0.5 Miles — Natural — Easy
Keystone Trail — 1.5 Miles — Natural — Easy
Black Bayou Trail — 2.0 Miles — Natural — Easy
Airpark Trail — 1.5 Miles — Natural — Easy
Visitor Center Boardwalk — 0.5 Miles — Boardwalk — Easy


From the Visitors Center a representative sample of area wildlife can be seen, including Prothonotary Warblers, Double-crested Cormorants, Wood Ducks and various wading birds. To the west, Keystone Trail offers similar viewing, with abundant Goldfinches and migratory warblers attracted to thick, second-growth woods. From the shore, American Coots and White Pelicans can be seen in large numbers in this section of the lake. To the east on State Highway 21 at the new spillway is a pull-off on the south side from where an eagle nest is readily visible.


Tennessee’s only natural lake (18,000 acre) is nationally known for crappie and Bluegill fishing.  Fishing is best for these panfish in April and May.  Experienced anglers can find these as well as bass and catfish throughout the year. Fishing is productive by boat and from the bank, pier and boardwalk.  A special lake permit is required. Many guides are available locally.