Tennessee State Parks

Booker T. Washington State Park



Chickamauga Lake is a beautiful setting for the water enthusiast. The park features a day use boat launch ramp and large fishing pier, both  conveniently located. Bboaters enjoy countless hours of skiing, pleasure boating, and fishing. 


Booker T. Washington offers a single track bike trail on a 6-mile loop. The trail features some long uphill climbs with rewarding, but very fast, down hills. The trail also has some banked (off-camber) turns. This trail is challenging but still rated for all abilities.

Trail Length: 6 miles
Trail Rating: Intermediate


Many species of waterfowl, Bald Eagles, and Osprey are frequently seen. The fishing pier is popular with Great Blue Herons and one is often seen on the peak of the roof. The hilly area where the mountain bike trails are located is excellent for spring and fall migratory birds.


Chickamauga Lake (35,000 acre impoundment), provides a beautiful setting for fishing. In recent years Largemouth Bass fishing has been outstanding with 10-pound fish becoming more common. Crappie fishing is best in spring. Catfish and bass are targeted almost year round. Fishing is good by boat as well as from the bank and fishing pier. Fishing boats can be launched from the park boat launch ramp.


Walking Trail — 5.0 Miles — Natural Surface — Difficult