Bledsoe Creek State Park

Governor Haslam has issued a burn ban that prohibits campfires and burning of brush, vegetation, trash and building materials. In addition to the Governor’s ban on campfires, Tennessee State Parks are prohibiting the use of outdoor charcoal grills at the affected parks. Some parks have issued additional burn bans or trail closures above and beyond what Governor Haslam or Tennessee State Parks have implemented.

A burn ban is in effect throughout Bledsoe Creek State Park. Fires or open flame (including grills) of any size are not permitted at this time. For full details of the Governor's Burn Ban order and a list of affected counties and parks, click here.



The paved Mayo Wix Trail winds through young woodlands, leading to an observation deck. From here the trail hugs the lakeshore. The lake edge offers opportunities to see birds such as the Prothonotary Warbler, Hairy Woodpecker, and the nesting Wood Duck and Red-shouldered Hawk. Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets hunt for fish in shallows alongside basking Red-eared Sliders. Winter waterfowl such as Ring-necked Duck and Redhead can be seen between November and April. Juxtaposed to level lowlands are several steep trails leading to hilltops covered by hardwood forest.

The hiking trail east of the boat ramp parking lot follows a steep ridge covered by spring wildflowers such as Dutchman’s Breeches, Wood Poppy and Sessile Trillium from mid-March – May. White-tailed Deer browse in the uplands, making the climb and workout worthwhile.


Old Hickory Lake (22,500 Reservoir) provides fishing, skiing, and other water recreation activities. It is known for good bass, crappie, catfish and sauger fishing. Many anglers enjoy fishing near the power plant. Bank fishing is decent along lakeside trails, and waterfront campsites. The park features a public boat launch ramp with courtesy dock for the general public and another ramp for registered campers only. Both ramps can accommodate fishing boats.


High Ridge Trail — 1.4 Miles — Natural — Difficult
The Shoreline Trail — 2.1 Miles — Natural — Easy
Owl Ridge Trail — 0.5 Miles — Natural — Difficult
Woodchuck Hollow Trail — 0.3 Miles — Natural — Easy
The Birdsong Nature Trail — 0.5 Miles — Paved — ADA
Mayo Wix Memorial Trail — 1.0 Miles — Paved — ADA