Tennessee State Parks

Old Stone Fort State Park

Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park was built during the Middle Woodland Period, circa 250 AD, nearly 1,500-2,000 years ago. Native Americans used this area continuously for about 500 years, eventually leaving it abandoned. By the time English settlers arrived, it was unclear of what the area had been used for, making Old Stone Fort an immense archaeological attraction. In 1966, the state of Tennessee purchased 400 acres of the Chumley estate, designating it the core of what is now Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park.

The park is home to an abundance of activities for guests to enjoy. The hiking trail follows the wall of Old Stone Fort which was used by the Native Americans as a ceremonial gathering place. The trail threads through dramatic scenery where you can see the original entrance of the fort which was designed to face the exact spot on the horizon where the sun rises during the summer solstice. Visitors can learn about Old Stone Fort State Park through this hike as well as enjoying the areas graceful waterfalls.

Old Stone Fort attracts history enthusiasts from all over. The park’s museum consists of archaeological findings from digs in the 1960s as well as dioramas and paintings. The exhibits provide information on the theories regarding the fort’s builders, archaeological excavations at the site, historical lineage of early Native Americans and the culture of its builders. The park as has a small theater and welcome/gift shop center.

For more information, please contact Old Stone Fort State Park directly at 931-723-5073.