Run Club

The Tennessee State Parks Run Club program provides opportunities for families and children to get outside and enjoy Tennessee State Parks in a fun and healthy way. The program is funded by the Tennessee Department of Health  and provides opportunities to get families and children outside and enjoying Tennessee State Parks in a fun and healthy way.

There are currently 15 Run Clubs across the state from Memphis all the way to Roan Mountain, with more being added each year. The clubs target middle school and elementary students, but anyone is welcome to join!

Each run club hosts a race throughout the year at their park and all the clubs are invited to travel and participate in these events. These races generally include a 5K, and a 1-2 mile fun run. If you’re looking for a way to become more active in our State Parks, then this program is for you!

Are you ready to join a Run Club or start a Run Club at your park? Program coordinator, Heather Spiva will be glad to help and answer any questions. You can email her at

Event List

2017 Run Club Schedule

*2 mile is a standard running course for the middle school running club grant, 5th-8th grade
*1 mile is a standard running course for 1st-4th grade or considered a fun run at non-run club events

4th       Cedars of Lebanon State Park - Hot Cocoa 5K
18th      South Cumberland State Park - Savage Gulf Marathon
25th      Panther Creek State Park - Run in the Sun 5K

1st        Harrison Bay State Park - Harrison Bay 5K
8th       David Crockett State Park - Powder Charge 5K
15th      T.O. Fuller State Park
22nd    Rock Island State Park - Rock and Row Triathlon
29th     Henry Horton State Park - Run for the Mill 5K
29th     Big Ridge State Park - Ridge Runner 5K

6th       Edgar Evins State Park - Run N' Plunge 5K
13th      Cumberland Mountain State Park - Byrd Creek Trail Run

3rd       Roan Mountain State Park - Diamond Dash 5K

6th      David Crockett State Park - Back to School Dash     

7th      Harpeth River State Park - Harpeth Hustle Triathlon    
21st     Panther Creek State Park - Zombie 5K
28th    Henry Horton State Park - The Great Candy Dash 5K

4th      Roan Mountain State Park - Roan Mountain 10K         
18th     Cummins Falls State Park - Gobbler 5K               
9th      Montgomery Bell State Park - Bell Ringer Trail Run 50K, 25K, 2 mile, 1 mile

2016 Run Club Schedule

27th  Cummins Falls - Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, and 1 mile

5th  Tims Ford - 5K, 2 mile, 1 mile
12th  Cedars of Lebanon - 2 mile, 1 mile
19th  Henry Horton - 5K, 2 mile, 1 mile
26th  T.O. Fuller - 5K, 1 mile, Easter Egg Hunt

2nd  Cummins Falls -  Trail Run 2 mile, 1 mile
9th  David Crockett - 5K, 2 mile, 1 mile
16th  Rock Island - Triathlon
23th  Panther Creek - 5K, 2 mile, 1 mile
30th  Montgomery Bell - 2 mile, 1 mile
30th  Big Ridge - Ridge Runner 5K, 1 mile
30th  Edgar Evins - 5K, 1 mile

7th  Cumberland Mountain - Byrd Creek Trail Run, 1 mile
14th  Henry Horton - Run Club Finale

4th  Roan Mountain - Diamond Dash 5K


6th  David Crockett Back to School Dash - Lawrenceburg
20th Urban Runoff 5K - Nashville (more details to come)


17th  Barkley Fall Classic 33 miles - Frozen Head  Steve Durbin    
26th  TN River Color Run 5K - Pickwick Landing  Darryl Worley Foundation     
1st  Harpeth Hustle Triathlon - Harpeth River    Support A Park    
1st  Fuller Fest 5K - T.O. Fuller State Park
22nd  Zombie 5K - Panther Creek State Park
29th  The Great Candy Dash 5K - Henry Horton State Park

5th  Roan Mountain 10K - Roan Mountain         
12th  Norris Dam Hard Trail Race 25K, 50K - Norris Dam        
26th  Fiery Gizzard Trail Run Marathon  - South Cumberland    Hardwin Adventures     John Hardin
26th  Big Foot Scramble 5 Mi - Standing Stone        
3rd  Over the River Run 8 Miles - Paris Landing         
10th  Bell Ringer Trail Run  50K, 25K, 2 Mi, 1 Mi - Montgomery Bell