Tennessee State Parks


Special Summer Programs

We have a great team of summer employees whose primary job function is to help you have fun. When you visit Tennessee State Parks, you’ll often see summer program schedules offered by our “SIR’s” or Seasonal Interpreter/Recreators. Our state park interpreters coordinate “interpretive programs,” but some folks are not sure exactly what this means.

Interpreters are the employees responsible for planning, publicizing, and presenting the fun, interactive, and educational programs for which Tennessee State Parks are known. Their job is to “interpret” the natural, historical, or cultural resources of the site for park visitors. In the simplest terms, an interpreter’s job is to help make your visit to the park meaningful. Activities vary by site and may include guided hikes, canoe floats, museum tours, owl prowls, slideshows, campfires, living history programs, day camps, nature craft workshops, and outdoor skills demonstrations.

If you have ever attended a state park program, chances are good it was the park interpreter who served as your leader and guide.

And summer is prime time for taking advantage of all the great programs and family activities offered in Tennessee State Parks. Our state park interpreters make learning fun through all kinds of experiences.

So where do you find information about programs and activities at your state park? Start by checking out the state park visitor center. Although they are your first stop to register to camp or to check into your cabin or lodge room, they frequently provide lots of opportunities to discover more about the particular site you are visiting. Sometimes they are nature centers or history centers filled with exhibits and programs that bring the state park to life. Here you can begin to discover the beauty and history of Tennessee, and you may find that to visit Tennessee State Parks is more than just a vacation. It’s an adventure!