Summer Programs and Activities June 1-4

Wednesday, June 1 – Saturday, June 4

All Day

Welcome to Edgar Evins State Park! 

Wednesday, June 1

5:00 PM Staying on the Trail
Meet at the Interpretive Center to talk about the importance of staying on the trail when hiking. 

5:30 PM Nature Hike
Meet outside the Interpretive Center to go on a light, half mile hike on the Evins Ridge Trail.  We will go over what we talked about when staying on the trail and will try and identify different plant species.

Thursday, June 2

6:30 PM Nature Myths
Meet at the Camp Store to learn the truth of the common nature myths out in the world. Everyone believes what they’re told or what they see on Facebook. We will discuss the truths and lies about nature.

7:00 PM Woodland Hazards
Come to the Camp Store to learn about some of the bad things you may run into out in the woods and what can help to minimize these torments. 

Friday, June 3

4:30 PM Tree Aging
Meet at the Camp Store to learn how trees age and how you too can tell how old a tree is.

6:00 PM Poison Ivy Identification
Meet in the Camp Store to learn how to identify poison ivy and the plants that may be confused with it. We will take a short stroll through the campground to test what you have learned.

7:30 PM Fire Starting
Meet at the Fire Circle to learn how to start a fire safely and learn what small everyday substance you can always keep in your pack to help start a fire (no it’s not just a lighter or match).

8:00 PM S’moreing Around
Come on down to the Fire Circle and make your own s’mores! S’more supplies will be supplied by the park. We will talk about fire safety and even get you thinking about a few riddles.

Saturday, June 4

9:00 AM National Trails Day Hike
Join Park Ranger Mark Taylor for a hike around the Wolf Creek Inlet on one of our most popular trails, the Millennium Trail.  There is much to see on this trail, from historic home sites to colorful birds and butterflies.  Be sure to wear appropriate clothing and sturdy boots for this moderate hike.  This 2.5 mile hike is suitable for both adults and children. Bring a camera and binoculars if you wish to see and capture our wildlife.  Don't forget your bug spray!

8:00 PM Scorpion Hunt
Did you know that we have scorpions in Tennessee? Join the Park Ranger Justin for a nighttime expedition to find scorpions by black light. Meet at the first Picnic Area at the boat ramp entrance (look for State Parks vehicle).