Scenic destinations and slow speed limits make state parks a great choice for a family biking trip. Mountain biking the wild trails of Tennessee State Parks, cruising on paved park roads, or exploring neighboring country roads make for some great two-wheeled bicycle adventures.

No matter your choice, remember to always ride in control, bring a map with you, plenty of water, extra snacks and bike repair equipment. Consider wearing reflective clothing and lights to help motorists see you, and always wear your helmet.

Tennessee State Park Trail Ratings

To help you plan your next cycling adventure in a Tennessee State Park, we have provided the list below offering details of trail difficulty, surface type, and available mileage. These ratings do not address the trail length. Remember to always wear your helmet regardless of trail difficulty.

Beginner Level

An easy trail requiring basic riding skills. Terrain may be varied in composition but will have no steep grades, ledges, or ruts. An example might be a flat unpaved jeep road or a flat paved road.

Intermediate Level

A trail requiring off-road riding experience and more advanced technical skill (for mountain bikers), or a paved road with moderately steep grades (for road bikers). Off-road terrain may have ruts and/or small ledges that may require dismounts, depending on skill level. An example might be a single- or double-track trail in rolling terrain with water bars or ruts.

Advanced Level

A trail requiring expert-level riding skills to traverse potentially hazardous conditions (for mountain bikers) or a paved road with very steep grades. An example might be a single-track trail with steep climbs, very rocky terrain, water crossings, and unexpected drop-offs.

Many state parks offer outstanding dedicated mountain biking trails, and mountain bikes are welcome on designated segments of multiple use trails at a number of state parks.

Must Ride Places in Tennessee State Parks

Serious cyclists are encouraged to ride the many great mountain bike trails at Montgomery Bell State Park. This series of trails was constructed with only mountain biking at mind. If you just bought your first bike or you are an avid mountain biker Montgomery Bell has a trail for you!

Important Information

  • Though traffic is light, some major park roads have speed limits of 35 mph or greater. Be alert and courteous, and obey traffic laws.
  • State law requires helmets for anyone sixteen or under if they are on a state highway, street or roadway, which includes parks. 
  • Be on the lookout for horseback riders or hikers when mountain biking on multi-use trails.
  • Teach young children to pull over and stop when a car or camper approaches while bicycling on campground roads.
  • Cyclists are advised to be extra cautious during hunting seasons.

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