Tennessee State Parks


Tennessee State Parks Vacation Packages

2015 Vacation Packages - $249 per person

Join hosts Cassie Rapert and State Naturalist Randy Hedgepath as they take you on a three day, two night exploration of some of the best examples of Tennessee’s majestic waterfalls and spring wildflowers.

Tennessee’s Highland Rim and Cumberland Plateau are nationally known for the cascades, gorges and waterfalls nestled among their lush forestlands. This pristine area is the most biologically diverse, non-coastal land in the nation. Nature has combined this unique natural topography with an extensive system of rivers and streams to create particularly exceptional waterfall and wildflower viewing destinations.

These one-of-a-kind tours focus on the beauty and history of some of our acclaimed natural landmarks and include educational seminars and interpretive programs unique to each location. Also included are meals, lodging and transportation to our various destinations. All packages are $249 per person including all taxes and gratuities-package pricing based on double occupancy.

Spring Waterfall Tours

  • March 13-15
  • May 1-3
  • May 29-31

Spring Wildflower Tours

  • March 27-29
  • April 3-5

Spring Canoe Float

  • June 12-14
  • June 22-24

Fall Waterfall Tours

  • Oct. 16-18
  • Oct. 26-28
  • Nov. 2-4

Details coming soon.