Tennessee State Parks


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tennessee’s State Parks open during the winter?

All of Tennessee’s state parks are open for recreational activities during the winter. All of our inns and restaurants are open year-round. Some may have shortened hours during the holidays. Please refer to individual parks for specifics. Most cabins and some campgrounds are open year-round. Please check with the individual park to determine the availability of specific amenities. To contact the park manager, visit the website at http://www.tnstateparks.com/about/find-a-park.

What are your days and hours of operation?

All parks are open to the public seven days a week but the park office, museums, visitor centers and historic sites may be closed two days per week and their hours may vary. The hours for most parks are one half-hour before sunrise to one half-hour after sunset. Swimming areas are open from daylight to dusk, where swimming is available. Campgrounds are open 24 hours daily, with visiting hours from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Contact the individual park for more information. Phone numbers and addresses can be found on their website at www.tnstateparks.com/find-a-park.

Do all Tennessee State Parks charge an access fee?

No. There is no access fee charged for any state park.

How do I find out about activities at state parks?

Check this link on the State park’s website at www.tnstateparks.com/events/ or call the park office for updates. In addition, many of the park inns have developed special room and food discounts under Getaway Packages for special events. You can learn about these packages by visiting http://www.tnstateparks.com/about/promotions.

Is there any outside advertising or solicitation allowed in state parks?

No handbills, no soliciting of guests, or any outside advertising is allowed.

Can I collect firewood in a state park?

Collection of deadwood on the ground for firewood is allowed for use by campers and other overnight guests staying on the park. Most state parks offer firewood for sale. Check with individual park for more details.

Can I use a metal detector?

Use of metal detectors is allowed by an individual engaged in a limited search for a lost item under supervision of the Park Manager. No other usage is allowed without written permission from the State Archaeologist and the Director of State Parks.

How can I obtain a gift certificate?

Gift certificates for inns, cabins and restaurants can be purchased from $10 up to $250 at any park inn and can be used at any park. When redeemed, less than 25% of the gift certificate can be refunded in cash. Gift certificates can be purchased at any state park inn either by phone or in-person.  In addition, each individual golf course can sell golf gift certificates up to $250. These golf gift certificates are redeemable only at the golf pro shop where purchased.

I am a professional photographer and want to take pictures in the park for commercial use. Who do I need to talk with?

Contact the Tennessee Film, Music & Entertainment Commission for permission at 615-741-3456 or email them at this address: tn.film@tn.gov.

How do I get on the State Park’s email list to receive Special Events Calendars and promotional discounts?

You may join this list by clicking here. You will receive an email confirming that you have been added to the list. On a regular basis, we send out emails listing dates and activities happening at all State Parks. We also send out emails offering golf, food and lodging promotions.

Are there any National Parks in Tennessee?

There are 14 sites that are classified either as National Cemeteries, Battlefields, Scenic Trails, Rivers, Areas or Parks. For more information on these locations, visit the National Park Service website.